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by Rebecca Parsons March 10, 2021 2 min read

When we first designed the Tandem Boogie, we planned for it to be used in the ocean. But after we saw how well the final product turned out, we realized it was more versatile than we initially thought. So, we decided to give it a try in the snow! Grandma/granddaughter duo Kathleen Clark and Samira Tanko took the Tandem Boogie AIR out for a test run on a sledding hill near their home in Stratford, Conneticut. We caught up with them afterwards to get their thoughts on the experience. Here’s what they had to say.

What inspired you to take the Tandem Boogie out on the snow?

We saw how well it worked on the water, so we decided to see how it would work on the snow.  My son and Samira's uncle, John Clark, encouraged us to try it and to send him some video clips of our experiment with his new invention.

Going into the first attempt, how did you think it was going to go?

We thought that it would be new and exciting, but we were scared because it had never been done before. But the board worked great!

Describe the experience of riding the Tandem Boogie on the snow.

The experience was exciting, nerve-wracking, and a lot of fun. It worked much better than we thought it would.


What were some of the most exciting parts of riding it on the snow? The biggest challenges?

The most fun and exciting part was when a bump in the snow unexpectedly changed the direction of the board, like a wave in the water, and caused the board to do a 180. The biggest challenge was catching the action on film, because we moved extremely fast!

What was it like sharing the experience with your granddaughter?

Sharing the experience elicited a close emotional bond that only laughing together can create. The fresh air and exercise made us feel great and ready for some hot chocolate.


How is riding the Tandem Boogie a good bonding experience for friends/loved ones?

Riding the tandem board involves teamwork, nature, and adventure with physicality, which makes it a healthy bonding activity for family and friends.

Would you do it again!?

We did it again! The second time, we had the GoPro on the mount, ready to capture those all-important moments of joy on tape.

Click here to watch the video!

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